As a Police Officer, you will see and experience more violence and trauma in a single shift than most people see in their lifetime. Acknowledging this reality is a key step in managing the long-term effects of the trauma you see on the job. Without adequate management, it can cost you your career, your family, and even your life.


    When you are on the job, your first instinct is to protect and save those in danger. You will do whatever it takes to save someone you have never met. It is now time to put the same priority on helping yourself and the ones you love by dealing with the impact of what you see and experience on the job.


    You would not hesitate to call for ‘Urgent Backup’ if you were physically injured on the job. It is time to place the same urgency on your mental health. Police Officers are renowned for wearing a mask to shield their emotions and struggles in a bid to appear strong and capable. We feel the pressure to ‘toughen up’ and just get on with the job. The reality is, it affects all of us and the tragedy is we don't talk about it.


    Do you feel as though your life is starting to come apart at the seams? Are those niggling thoughts you push to the back of your mind starting to make their way forward? Is the cloud becoming darker? We need to stop filing the trauma and violence into the backs of our minds hoping it goes away. As humans, we are not designed to see the amount of horror you have seen. You need to take steps and equip yourself with the tools to manage your experiences before it tears your life, your family and you apart. You can absolutely handle the trauma if you're prepared to do something about it.


    There is no time like the now. You need to act now before it is too late and you run out of time. The human body and mind can only handle so much on its own without adequate support systems in place. Your family, your future and your career all depend on you. So, if you cannot do it for yourself, do it for the people who love you. The people who want you around for many years to come. They deserve better than to watch you self-destruct. It takes courage to help yourself. Prioritize the now and find that courage.


    The only one who can take the first step is you. Taking the first step is a sign of strength, not weakness. Take a stand for those around you and lead the way. Critical stress can have disastrous impacts on you and the people you love. Don’t fall victim. You need to take control, get off your ass and take responsibility for your own well-being. It is your responsibility.


    An investment in Critical Stress Training is an investment in your quality of life. Think of the avenues you have tried (and failed) to help you get through the challenging times - alcohol, gambling, drugs, sex, anger, withdrawal… you may have tried them all, and all have failed to give you any long-lasting change. Make this one small investment and change your life – for good.


    What will be the cost to you and the people you love if you do not get this situation under control? Divorce, estranged children, destroyed careers, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling issues, depression, and even suicide… they are all very real possibilities and a harsh reminder of what the future could be if you don’t act now. You will pay the price. It is your choice – and the time to act is now.


    Getting started is as simple as watching our first free introduction video, reading the summary and looking at the downloadable PDF to understand what the course is all about. No pressure, no commitment, just the opportunity to take the first step. Don’t leave it until it is too late. There is no time like the now.

Course curriculum

  • 2
    What is Hyper Vigilance and Hyper Awareness? How does it impact you?
    • Hyper Vigilance and Hyper Awareness
    • PDF Download
  • 3
    How do you deal with what you see and experience as a Police Officer?
    • How to deal with what you experience
    • PDF Download
  • 4
    Why does the job affect people differently?
    • Why does the affect people differently?
    • PDF Download
  • 5
    How to minimize the impact the job has on your family
    • How to minimize the impact on your family
    • PDF Download
  • 6
    The 5 key behaviors to ensure a long and happy life/career.
    • 5 keys behaviors to deal with Critical Stress
    • PDF Download
  • 7
    Where to from here? How to Formulate your Critical Stress Management Plan
    • Where to from here??? Critical Stress Management Plan.
    • PDF Download


  • Shaun O'Gorman

    Human Behaviour, Critical Stress & PTSD Consultant

    Shaun O'Gorman

    Following 13 years as a Police Officer and nine years in the K9 Unit in Australia, Shaun was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, clinical depression and battled suicide for many years. Despite his struggles, he didn’t have the courage to ask for help. And it nearly cost him his life. He spent the next 15 years educating himself on PTSD, depression, and suicide. With police suicides and levels of PTSD at epidemic proportions, Shaun is dedicated to preventing those from suffering the same fate or helping those who are deep in the throws and cannot see a way out. This course contains the knowledge and education that helped to save Shaun’s life and helped him get back the life he loved. He has lived and breathed what you are going through, so he understands the everyday battles and challenges of life in the force. They are more common than you know, and it is time to bring them into the light. Shaun has successfully helped thousands of Officers battling depression and PTSD, and now he can help you. Completely anonymous and confidential, try the Critical Stress Training for Police Officers today and take the first step. There is no time like the now.

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